Information Access

Dangerous Data: A Health Warning

Information technology provides the means for capturing, storing, processing and retrieving data in information systems.  Advances in information technology have continually challenged information systems to explore new ways in which the data captured can be used.  The move from improving efficiency of data capture and data storage led to process improvements, improving the effectiveness of […]

How Changes to Food Regulations Affect Data Management

On 13 December 2014 new food regulations relating to allergen information come into force across Europe. The regulations affect anyone who works in any form of food preparation and food service. The changes to food regulations affect data management as catering companies will need to improve their data management practices to ensure that serving staff […]

Data Security versus Data Access

Balancing data security versus data access for authorized users is a constant challenge.  By increasing the number and range of security checks to authenticate customer access, are organizations making it more difficult for legitimate customers to access their accounts and subtly moving the balance of responsibility for data security to their customers?

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