How to Develop an Information Management Strategy

Everyone agrees that organizations need an information management strategy but how do you develop one?  This blog focuses on the key stages of work required to develop an information management strategy. Stage 1: Gain Senior Management Commitment Resources are needed to develop an information management strategy and the only way to gain access to the […]

Information Complacency is a Key Information Management Challenge for 2015

2014 was again fraught with news stories of information being lost and the associated security risks that may arise from the loss. While public concern continues to rise about the security and privacy of electronic information from potential cyberattacks, key information challenges for 2015 should not be restricted to cybersecurity. The need to address information […]

Information to Measure Performance

Data are collected to measure performance of organizations, systems, processes and people.  Some performance measures are status indicators providing information to inform decisions about whether or not action needs to be taken to avert a crisis or improve specific areas of performance.  However, often measures of performance are reported as data with insufficient context to […]

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